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Coffee Farm
Welcome to Solai Coffee Farms at the heart of Rift Valley in Kenya.
Coffee Farm
Welcome to Solai Coffee farm at the heart of Rift Valley in Kenya.

who we are

Why Choose Us

Solai Coffee is a family-owned business. We launched this business to create Direct Trade and Fair Trade for small-scale farmers in our village Solai and extend to other regions as we grow-together.


Our mission is to develop a direct trade business that ensures:
1. Quality coffee to consumers at a fair price.
2. Fair farmer compensation.
3. Sustainable community initiatives.


Grow Together - From Farm to Households, From Bean to Cup, from Passion to enJOYment - "Solai."


Trust, Transparency, Empathy, Inclusivity, Fairness, Consistency

Small Scale Farmers
Coffee Harvesting Season | Picking and Sorting

We Source Best Quality Coffee From Small Scale Farmers

In the spirit of UBUNTU, we work with farmers directly to understand their farming practices and create sustainable growth measures. This is done by connecting the farmers with direct sales and cutting down the number of intermediaries who control about 65% of the trade. We become advocates in the value chain which in turn increases farmers’ returns by 35%.

Farm to Coffee Mug
Solai Coffee Oversees the Farming and Roasting of Coffee

Solai Community Empowerment


Invest in tools and technology that promotes modern farming and easy access to information.


Educate farmers on the importance of diversity and inclusivity of women and youth in the coffee industry.


Provide timely feedback and encourage the young generation into the coffee business.

Value Addition

Assist farmers in producing high-quality coffee to help add value to the product for better returns.

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